Safia Lebdi’s manifesto : Us the women

Safia Lebdi is notorious for her feminist and anti-racist lay commitment, known as the initiator of the internationalization of the Ukrainian Femen movement. The former elected in Ile de France and founder of ‘Neither Whores nor Subjects’ (Ni putes ni Soumises) now officiates in the area of Hemp from the city of Montpellier. She is sending us a manifesto with the organization Legalize. Le Cannabiste invites you to discover in full, the translation of the message that she has just published for everyone to read it. Alarm.

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“Us the women”

We need the many benefits of Cannabis: in order to relax, to heal and relieve from our pain, to ease the stress, and just for the sheer pleasure it brings. You cannot prohibit us from healing ourselves.

We must legalize for our kids too, to end the organized chaos and to educate and regulate what needs to be done. Legalisation has to start with the therapeutic use Cannabis of course.

We need to mobilize doctors and scientists instead of the judiciary or police… As of today let’s terminate the repression. This goes as far as violating the legal rights of  CBD shop owners, which are 100% legal in France like in Spain.

Keep the CBD free!

Do not move back, the world understands we need to head forward through smart regulations. The moment is here, the moment is now. We can’t keep on forbidding everything. We need to let hemp evolve through its very own organic revolution.

 It’s the wrong time to slow down that chance for agriculture, for nature, for the economy and for the ecosystem. This goes for the whole society as well both in France and Spain. In the whole world both Europe and America, Uruguay, Canada, the time has come for reform.

Instead than bridle and repress it, we need to support that new economy, which is of ecological benefit for our children, for the planet and for our future.

The outdated prohibitionist order has had its days now.



— Jean-pierre Ceccaldi pour Le Cannabiste 2018 Tous droits réservés–

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